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Distinguished Donors Give Second Million to Cardiology

Howard and Elsie Stebbins

From UAMS Update / Nov., 2000 | Thanks to Howard and Elsie Stebbins, the Cardiology Division of the Department of Internal Medicine in the College of Medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) has been able to establish substantial funding for its endowed chair. The Stebbinses recently extended their commitment to advance the cardiology program with a donation of an additional $1 million to the endowed chair.

The Stebbinses originally established the endowed chair in 1999 with a charitable gift donated in memory of their eldest son, Albert Howard Stebbins IV. Their son suffered a fatal heart attack in 1995 at the age of 59 while at his farm in Brazil. His untimely death inspired the pair to make their first contribution to the cardiology division with the hope that it would further the advancement of the program.

“The endowed chair in cardiology has now become one of the largest at UAMS,” said Sue S. Williamson, director of donor development. “It will provide the foundation on which to build a new center of excellence.” Williamson assisted the Stebbinses through the years to attain their charitable goals.

Through these two charitable gifts, the Stebbinses hope to spare other families affected by heart disease some of the untimely anguish of losing loved ones. They also hope that their actions have set an example that will remain in their family for generations to come.

“With this endowed chair in cardiology in memory of our son, Howard, we feel we have transferred the idea of `giving something back’ to others in our fine family,” said Mr. Stebbins. Along with contributions to UAMS, the Stebbinses have supported other causes and organizations with which they share the same compassion.

“In my 16 years at UAMS, I have not known a couple that epitomizes the true meaning of philanthropy more than the Stebbinses,” said Williamson. “They have been generous supporters through the years of many charitable organizations in the community, the state, and the nation.” They have contributed to the Arkansas Arts Center, the Arkansas Territorial Restoration, the Arkansas Nature Conservancy, the Old State House and Hendrix College, which are only a few among many others.

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