Patient stories about Trauma

Surgeons Use 3D Technology to Reconstruct Man’s Face

Dec. 8, 2016 | “When I reached up and felt the blood, I knew I’d hurt myself badly. But I had no idea my face had been crushed.” Sidney Todd III was at his job Jan.13, 2016, checking out oil wells in Union County. As he stepped up on a unit, he slipped on a [...]

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Following Trauma, Arkansas Woman Hopes to Counsel Others

Aug. 10, 2016 | Life for the Boxx family changed dramatically on Dec. 26, 2013. Janet Boxx, her husband, David, their three children and an international student were traveling from Kansas City and were almost to their Bentonville home when they were involved in a three-vehicle accident just outside the Arkansas border. “The truck pulled [...]

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UAMS Saves Woman’s Nearly Severed Arm with Prosthetic Elbow

Only a few nerves kept Lisa Shelton’s left arm attached to her body when she arrived at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) after it was almost severed by a truck door. Shahryar Ahmadi, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at UAMS, examines Lisa Shelton’s elbow that he reconstructed almost after it was nearly [...]

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Hand Telemedicine Program, UAMS Physician Save Batesville Man’s Hand

A split-second connection between a table saw blade and a wedding ring almost took Tommy Watts’ hand. Theresa Wyrick, M.D., examines Tommy Watts' left hand. Surgery performed by Wyrick helped save two of his fingers after an accident severely injured them. A high-speed, split-second video connection between a Batesville hospital and UAMS [...]

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Perfect Timing at UAMS Saves Woman After Violent Accident

Amy Kizziar greets Ron Robertson, M.D., director of trauma at UAMS, with a hug. Her mother Shawn Kizziar (left) and father James Kizziar stand beside her. Perfect timing. That’s what Amy Kizziar needed one cold November day in 2011 when she was impaled by a two-by-six and endured multiple broken bones, gaping wounds [...]

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Putting the Pieces Back Together

By Kate Franks Joyce Randof, RN, reunites with Betsy Parkinson, a patient she helped care for in July 2010. Parkinson doesn’t remember her four-week hospital stay but heard from her family all the things Randof had taken care of and was excited to meet her. Betsy Parkinson of Little Rock had 27 fractures [...]

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UAMS Helps Accident Survivor Overcome Injuries and PTSD

You don’t have to ask Gail Ragland whether or not she believes in miracles - she counts herself as one. Medically she has defied all odds to survive not only a horrific car accident, but also the stress that followed it. The Raglands were struck by another car in downtown Little Rock in February [...]

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