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UAMS Eye Patient: To See Again is Phenomenal

June 25, 2018 | Each visit to UAMS to see cornea surgeon David Warner, M.D., is a joyous occasion for Cindy Jones. That’s because with each visit in the year-long recovery after her cornea transplant, her vision improves. “Each time it was better and better,” said Jones. Jones, 44, has had a lifetime of vision [...]

Hip Replacement Opens Road to Fulfillment for Little Rock Woman

June 11, 2018 | Running is more than a hobby for Mary Ann Hansen. It’s a reprieve. It’s liberation from a past life. Most runners make a connection with the road early in life that remains for a lifetime. Not Hansen. Her bond formed after she was 50 and following a hip replacement. She noticed [...]

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Springdale Man Finds Personalized Care at UAMS

May 21, 2018 | There were plenty of reasons why Seth Mohorn would need a feeding tube for an extended period after a recent surgery, but he was determined to quell them. It did not matter that an everyday task would suddenly require more effort from him than ever before. He wanted to continue to [...]

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Vacation Injury Puts Little Rock Woman on Circuitous Path to UAMS

May 7, 2018 | On a normal day, Joan Baldridge could reach UAMS' campus from her Little Rock home in a few minutes. That was not the case in November when Baldridge ultimately needed care in short order. Baldridge and her husband were at Cayo Espanto. The couple worked to pack and tidy up their [...]

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Cabot Woman Back to Active Lifestyle after Hip Procedure

April 2, 2018 | Beverly Smith isn’t used to being held back. The now-retired Cabot resident loves to be on the move. She longs to travel. She lives for cruises and trips with her husband, and the freedom to do as they please. Last year, that way of life came to an abrupt halt when [...]

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Myeloma Patient Beth Jacks Grateful for Treatment Close to Home

March 1, 2018 | Beth Jacks, 56, of Lonoke was excited to begin her new job at UAMS in May 2017 as executive assistant to Maurice Rigsby, vice chancellor for Institutional Relations. But when she accepted the offer, she had no idea she would soon need UAMS for more than a job. Jacks was previously [...]

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Hot Springs Village Man Still Active After Ankle Replacement

Feb. 1, 2018 | It was a slope he knew to avoid, but one his adventurous spirit wouldn’t let him. “What I love about snow skiing is you’re in complete control of your destiny,” said 74-year-old Marcus Everett. “I got hooked on the speed.” He was halfway down the mountain in Breckinridge, Colorado, in 2008, [...]

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Little Rock Woman Wins Battle to Keep Her Vision

Jan. 25, 2018 | Maintaining her vision while three rival eye conditions attempt to steal it away is a battle, but it’s one Pamela Morehart is able to win thanks to the UAMS Harvey & Bernice Jones Eye Institute. “We have a blessing in the Jones Eye Institute at UAMS,” said Morehart. First, there’s the [...]