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Med Student from Russellville Looks Forward to Psychiatry

April 11, 2017 | For most of her career as a medical student, Meghan Kerin thought she would practice internal medicine. She had a change of heart during her psychiatry rotation.

“Dr. Tariq would tell us in medical school to pick the field we feel we can do the most good. I believe for me, that’s psychiatry.”

Sara Tariq, M.D. is assistant dean for undergraduate clinical education in the UAMS College of Medicine.

Kerin, a Russellville native, says she felt compassion for her patients dealing with mental illness. She’s particularly interested in child and adolescent psychiatry.

There is a growing need for psychiatrists across the country. According to a recent report from the National Council Medical Director Institute, the number of practicing psychiatrists dropped by 10 percent from 2003-2013.

College of Medicine senior Meghan Kerin will begin her psychiatry residency at UAMS in July.

Kerin grew up around two health care professionals. Her father is a radiologist, her mother a retired nurse.

“I’ve always loved science and they’re my biggest role models. They inspire me.”

When she’s not busy being a medical student, Kerin spends time playing the guitar. She’s pretty good. She’s played in a few metal bands in her younger years and a rock ‘n’ roll band in her undergraduate years, which included touring in much of the southern United States.

“It’s a big part of my history,” she says. “I played in college, but I slowed down a lot since I’ve been in medical school. I’m hoping it’ll also be a part of my future.”

Kerin will being her residency in July at UAMS. Until then, she says she’ll enjoy her time off (including taking a trip to Paris) and learning as much as she can about the specialty she’s chosen.

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