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Squamous Cell Hyperplasia

Squamous cell hyperplasia is an abnormal growth of the skin of the vulva.This condition is characterized by a pink-red vulva with overlying gray-white keratin. Moisture, scratching, scrubbing and medications may cause variations in the appearance.

Your doctor will aim at relieving the itching as the first measure of treatment. If symptoms of anxiety and irritability are present, your doctor may prescribe oral tranquilizers. Topical corticosteroids are the main treatment used for squamous cell hyperplasia. Since this disorder takes a long time to develop, it will not improve overnight. Squamous cell hyperplasia often chronic and may require long-term treatment with steroid ointments.

Our doctors most often use biopsies to diagnose the condition. Squamous cell hyperplasia is sometimes observed next to lesions of invasive squamous cell cancer. You will need to be followed closely while you have this condition. If you have lichen sclerosus and squamous cell hyperplasia, you have an increased risk for development of vulvar cancer.

Vulvar Disorders
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