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Paget’s Disease of the Vulva

Paget’s disease of the vulva is an unusual kind of skin cancer that arises from glandular cells. This disease appears as a red, velvety area with white islands of tissue on the vulva. At times it may be pink, and occasionally there are moist, oozing ulcerations that bleed easily.

Most people with the condition will experience itching and soreness. Almost all patients are postmenopausal, Caucasian women.

The cause of this disorder is unknown, and it is usually diagnosed by a biopsy. The typical treatment is surgery. In more severe cases, you may need to have skin grafting to close the wound. The tumor will frequently extend into what appears to be normal skin, making the extent of the surgical resection difficult to determine.

Approximately 15% of patients with vulvar Paget’s disease will also have invasive Paget’s disease or an underlying invasive adenocarcinoma of the vulva. You will need to be carefully followed and seen regularly by your doctor long term because this condition frequently comes back.

Vulvar Disorders
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