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Behavioral/ Sexual Health

Behavioral/ sexual health

For many adults, behavioral/sexual health can have an impact on your overall mental health and wellbeing. Vulvar disorders can create more than physical discomfort.

At UAMS, we understand how difficult vulvar disorders can be to live with and how these conditions can negatively impact your quality of life. So our multidisciplinary team includes experts to help you learn to cope with your condition.

Women may sometimes have the need to talk about the concerns they have. And whether you are depressed over your disorder or if you just have questions about alternate ways to keep the intimacy in your relationship, we have team members ready to help.

These issues can be addressed by our licensed psychologists and psychiatrists who work with our experienced comprehensive health care team. Dr. Zachary Stowe in the Women’s Mental Health Clinic works with our group of doctors to best help and treat our patients who are struggling with certain issues. Dr. Jon Etienne Mourot, a licensed psychologist specializing in sex therapy with individuals and couples, is also available through the Center for Vulvar Disorders.

Vulvar Disorders
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At UAMS, we understand that many women have concerns about gynecological health. Knowing that these matters can be awkward, we want to make it easy for you to ask for help. We protect your privacy while providing treatment by caring and compassionate specialists in a comfortable environment. Please contact us for more information on our Center for Vulvar Disorders.