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High-Risk Pregnancy

Due to age, medical condition or history, some women and their babies are at a higher risk of complications. Hearing that your pregnancy may be at risk can be very frightening. Our caring and compassionate staff is here to offer hope to you through our state-of-the-art equipment and treatment.

Our board-certified maternal fetal specialists provide assessment, diagnosis and management of high-risk pregnancies and deliveries, including problems associated with the following:

We also specialize in the prenatal diagnosis and management of pregnancies with physical and genetic fetal abnormalities. Our services include:

  • High-level ultrasound evaluation
  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic villus and fetal blood sampling
  • Fetal intrauterine blood transfusion

Certified genetic counselors assist parents in understanding the evaluation and implications of your current pregnancy for your family and future pregnancies.

The equipment in our sophisticated Genetic Ultrasound and Telemedicine Center allows our doctors to evaluate patients and perform high-level ultrasound, both in our clinic and in satellite facilities hundreds of miles away.

In addition, we work closely with board-certified genetic counselors in the Arkansas. Our genetics program will screen for genetic disorders or hereditary risks to your baby, such as spinal bifida or Down Syndrome. If needed, we also can provide specialized services such as fetal blood sampling.

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