THC and Breast Milk 2017-08-08T14:37:11-06:00

THC and Breast Milk

Marijuana is now legal in some states, but federal law does not recognize or protect possession or use.

Marijuana is not safe to use while pregnant or breast feeding. THC, a compound found in marijuana, is stored in fatty tissue, which means it may stay in your body for a long time even after you stop smoking or ingesting it.

THC may be found in higher levels in a mother’s milk than in her bloodstream, so your baby may be exposed to marijuana through your breast milk. THC can pass into your baby’s growing brain, and may cause permanent harmful side effects, including:

  • learning difficulties
  • behavior problems

And like tobacco smoke, second-hand marijuana smoke can increase the risk of SIDS.

Because of the increased risk to your baby’s health and safety, UAMS advises that you do NOT use marijuana, in any form, while you are providing breast milk to your baby.