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Breast Pumps

How to Get a Breast Pump from WIC

  • If you are already on WIC, you may call the clinic where you are registered and speak with the peer counselor or the registered dietitian. Call BEFORE you leave the hospital.
    Explain to them that you have already delivered and have an infant in the NICU and that you need a breast pump to continue pumping after discharge. You may be able to pick up the pump on your way home. If you have a family member listed on your account that may pick up something for you, they may pick up your pump for you.„
  • If you are not already on WIC, please call the peer counselor or breastfeeding counselor at the Pulaski Central Health Department BEFORE you go. You will need an appointment time.
    The phone number is 501-280-3100.

    The clinic is located at the Pine and Cedar exit off Interstate 630. The breastfeeding and peer counselor’s office is on the first floor. A map is below to help you.
  • There is also a WIC clinic at Arkansas Children’s Hospital on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and that number is 501-364-1264. You can also call 501-224-1254 for an appointment with UAMS West Little Rock Clinic. Tell them if you will need a breast pump.
Pulaski County Health Department

How to Get a Breast Pump from Your Insurance Company

  • You may be able to get a breast pump that your insurance will pay for. Call your insurance company
  • to find out what they cover. Some may offer a manual pump and others may offer an electric pump.
  • Talk with them to find out how to get the pump. Some may have you go through a medical supply
  • company they work with. Others may allow you to buy a pump and then they will pay you back.

How to Rent a Pump Through UAMS

  • Have your nurse tell the lactation team that you would like to rent a pump from us. The lactation
  • consultant will get you an invoice and a rental agreement that you will take with you when you go to pay.
  • During normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), either you or a family member will go to the hospital admissions desk to pay the fees. (Any other time or day, you will go
  • to the Emergency Room admissions desk.) After Admissions stamps the invoice as “paid,” return it to the lactation consultant. The rental agreement will then be signed by both of you and the pump is given to you.
  • Pump rental costs $32.50 for two weeks or $65 a month. The rental agreement must be renewed each month. Breast pumps and supplies may be purchased as well.
  • You will need to return the pump to the NICU front desk when you no longer need it.