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Breast MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the breast is a non-invasive procedure that can determine what the inside of the breast looks like without having to do surgery or flatten or compress the breast (as in a mammogram).

Mammography combined with MRI has been shown to deliver superior screening results for patients who are high-risk. At UAMS, we are using state-of-the-art breast MRI coil technology.

Candidates for MRI include the following:

  • Women with inconclusive mammograms that may be caused by dense breast tissue, implants or scar tissue
  • Women who have already been diagnosed with breast cancer or have suspicious masses based on the results of mammography, sonography or clinical examination. To determine the extent of the tumor and to determine if the tumor involves the chest wall, skin or nipple prior to surgery
  • To evaluate the response of the tumor to chemotherapy
  • Women who need evaluating for possible implant rupture
  • Annual screening for high-risk patients

As part of our commitment to providing the most advanced technology, the UAMS Breast Center offers a dedicated updated breast MRI coil.

Please contact our Breast Center to learn more about breast MRI’s or to schedule an appointment.

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