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Breast Care

Breast Care at UAMS


All women share a need for superior breast care services. You probably know at least one woman, if not more, who has experienced breast cancer during her lifetime. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, led only by skin cancer.

At UAMS, our Breast Center provides a full range of services, from the latest in digital mammography to an MRI unit dedicated solely to breast imaging.

When detected in its earliest stages, breast cancer treatment is highly effective. In fact, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer found in Stage 1 is more than 90%.

Our Breast Center is dedicated to early detection through use of the latest technology and a highly trained staff of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.

In the times when breast cancer is found, the staff at our Breast Cancer Clinic makes sure you are never alone in your fight. The caring and compassionate staff members on our Breast TEAM™ work together to develop the best possible treatment options based on each individual woman’s condition.

Breast Care at UAMS