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Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss and Metabolic Control

Weight Loss and Metabollic Control Program Costs and Frequently Asked Questions

Are any follow-up appointments required?

After the initial medical visit and lab work, patients will have follow-up lab and medical visits. Not every patient requires lab and medical visits every month; some patients come back every other month. Once someone is an established patient and no longer needs medical supervision on a regular basis, they will not require any labs or medical visits. Occasionally patients need additional observation, particularly if the UAMS medical staff is making any changes in medications. If so, you may be required to have lab work completed and will need to see the medical staff more frequently. Patients will need to cover the cost of extra lab work and medical visits.

Do you offer any kind of classes with your program?

The classes that are offered cover behavior modification and nutrition. Our classes are taught both by registered dieticians and trained nutritional professionals. We are conveniently located in central Little Rock.

Do you offer a maintenance program?

After you complete the 16-week initial program, there is a weight maintenance program. During the maintenance program, you will have the opportunity for one-on-one counseling for meal planning.

Does insurance cover the program?

Insurance does not pay for the program at this time.

Do I need a referral to begin the program?

You do not need to have a referral from your primary care physician to begin the program. Please call us at 501-603-1497 if you need any additional information on the Weight Loss and Metabolic Control Program at UAMS.