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Incontinence Service

Incontinence Service

There may be no more distressing health condition than the loss of bladder control. An estimated 12 million American men and women have some form of urinary incontinence, but many go untreated because they’re embarrassed by their condition.

Our Incontinence Service at UAMS treats patients in a setting that emphasizes confidentiality, and we offer treatments that work. Personalized, comprehensive care is available from caring and compassionate specialists for all types of male and female incontinence.

Our Incontinence Service provides treatment for male and female incontinence. Our clinic offers patients the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment, including a video-urodynamics lab. Once properly diagnosed, we provide the very latest surgical and nonsurgical solutions.

Please contact our Urology Clinic to learn more about male incontinence or to schedule an appointment.

Please contact our Urogynecology Clinic to learn more about female incontinence or to schedule an appointment.

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