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Skull Base Surgery

Center for Skull Base Surgery at UAMS

Skull base surgery is a complex surgical technique, and UAMS is one of the few hospitals in the country that offers this procedure. Our skull base surgery practice has drawn patients regionally, nationally and internationally who need treatment for skull base lesions.

Our UAMS neurosurgeons to handle surgery involving the base of the skull, complex brain tumors (malignant and benign), aneurysms and arterial venous malformations.

Only within the past few years have patients with extensive lesions and tumors of the brain and cranial base had the opportunity of having these growths surgically removed.

We use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques, including:

Appointments are by physician referral only. Please note that pertinent patient information is necessary for an appointment. All radiological studies and medical records, necessary to make the appropriate diagnosis, should be forwarded to the clinic at the time the referral is made.

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