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Multi-Organ Transplant

A generation ago, patients with a failing kidney, pancreas or liver had little chance of survival. That has changed as transplant surgery offers hope for a longer, healthy life. As the only teaching hospital in the state, UAMS provides state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology for patients in need of transplants.

A History of Firsts

Our experience in organ transplants is unsurpassed in Arkansas. The state’s first kidney transplant was performed at UAMS in 1964. We performed the state’s first kidney-pancreas transplant in 1991. In 2005, we made history again by performing the state’s first liver transplant.

Comprehensive Care

The consolidation of transplant programs ensures comprehensive care through surgery and recovery.

Our patients benefit from the expertise of dozens of specialists, including transplant physicians, surgeons and coordinators, oncologists, radiologists and anesthesiologists. Our nursing staff, physical therapists, dietitians and support staff provide compassionate, highly skilled care. Our social workers, psychologists and financial counselors stand ready to help.

Transplant patients are grouped together in private rooms on one floor of the hospital and are attended by a nursing staff dedicated exclusively to the care of transplant patients.

We are certified by the United Network for Organ Sharing, the organization that administers the nation’s organ procurement and transplantation network. The Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency serves our UAMS program.

Kidney and Kidney-Pancreas Transplant

Liver Transplant and Comprehensive Liver Service


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