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UAMS Outpatient Pharmacy

The UAMS Outpatient Pharmacy is your immediate one-stop source to have your prescription medications filled quickly and easily. We’ve made it simple for you to pick up your medications after leaving your doctor’s office, avoiding another stop on the way home. With free 15-minute parking in front of the UAMS Outpatient Center, picking up your prescription is hassle-free.

For new prescriptions, you can drop off in person, or a physician can send new prescriptions by eScribe, phone (501-686-5530) or fax to the pharmacy.

Have you already picked up a prescription at our pharmacy? If your prescription has refills, you can use your MyChart account or call us to access our phone refill system. .

UAMS has also made it cost-effective for UAMS employees and patients to purchase a 30-day supply of many generic prescription medications for $4 without leaving our facilities. Comparable to commercial pharmacies, the list includes many antibiotics and medications for allergies and colds, cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. The list of drugs is subject to change, so please contact our pharmacy if you need additional information. You do not need to sign up to participate in this program.

See a list of $4 medications

Specialty Pharmacy Services

The pharmacy is now delivering on the UAMS campus for employees, and employees also have the added option of using payroll deduction. Employees are able to order a refill by phone or online, charge it via payroll deduction and have it delivered — all without leaving the office.

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