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Sickle Cell Resources

Here’s to Your Health broadcasts: September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month
(Episodes: “Inherited blood disorder”, “Mutation in gene”,  “Seek immediate care”, “Can block blood flow”, and “Relieving symptoms”)

Pregnancy and Sickle Cell Disease – Special Concerns

Media / Social Media

NOTICE:  These social media, websites, videos are suggested for viewing for social, community, cultural support only, please note that the opinions and advice expressed in these videos do not necessarily reflect those of UAMS or any partners of UAMS. Please discuss any medical advice with your physician.

News Magazines

Sickle Cell News & World Report   


Sickle Cell News

Cure League

SCDAA Mobile


Sickle Cell Support Services

Sickle Cell Campaign

Sickle Cell Warriors                                               

Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

Sickle Cell Support Services


Peer’s Experience with Sickle Cell and Pregnancy:

A young woman with Sickle Cell disease video journals throughout her pregnancy and postpartum experience.

You Tube:  Video 1 

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