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Neck and Back Pain Rehabilitation

back pain rehabilitation, neck pain rehabilitation, back therapy, neck therapy UAMS’ neck and back pain rehabilitation and therapy program is customized to meet the needs of each individual patient, depending upon the type and severity of the pain, injury or disease. 

The goal of neck and back pain rehabilitation is to help you return to the highest level of function and independence possible, while improving the overall quality of life — physically, emotionally and socially. UAMS’ evidence-based rehabilitation is focused on relieving neck and back pain, which improves your mobility and creates stability for functional activities of daily living, recreation and sports. 

In order to help meet your individual goals, after an evaluation by a physical therapist, your neck and back pain rehabilitation program may include a combination of the following:

  • Aquatic therapy
  • Exercise programs to improve range of motion, increase muscle strength, improve flexibility and mobility, increase endurance and cardiovascular performance and improve motor firing for core stability with movement
  • Gait (walking) and movement retraining
  • Help with obtaining assistive devices that promote independence
  • Manual therapy (hands of techniques to restore mobility and reduce spasm and neck and back pain)
  • Pain management techniques
  • Patient and family education and counseling
  • Referral for nutritional counseling
  • Therapeutic modalities for neck and back pain management (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat, ice, iontophoresis, light therapy, taping)

Generally, there are three phases to neck and back pain rehabilitation:

Acute Phase: In this phase, after an evaluation a physical therapist will choose a combination of modalities, manual therapy and gentle exercise or aquatic therapy to promote pain relief, relief of muscle spasm, restoration of spinal motion, reduction of inflammation and restoration of the ability to rest without being awakened by pain.

Sub-Acute Phase: In the sub-acute phase, patient goals and motion analysis will determine the correct exercises for continued pain relief, restoration of dysfunctional movement patterns, correct neuromuscular firing and strength. Manual therapy or modalities may still be used during this phase to make sure the patient has a success with exercise. In the sub-acute phase, our therapists work to empower the patient to transition to independence for care of their neck and back for long term success.

Maintenance Phase: After your goals are met, our therapists encourage you to continue your exercise programs independently. UAMS provides community fitness programs for continued support and success.


Neck and back pain rehab service is provided in the University Rehab Clinic, located in the Jackson T. Stephens Spine and Neurosciences Institute, Level B.