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Orthopedic Therapy

Our trained therapists in the Physical and Occupational Therapy clinics have additional education to help you reach your orthopedic rehabilitation goals after joint surgery, musculoskeletal injury, bone trauma or degenerative or inflammatory joint disease.

Our goal-directed approach to orthopedic and musculoskeletal rehabilitation tailors treatment to help patients:

  • Restore physical function and enhance the skills needed to perform daily activities
  • Build strength and endurance
  • Improve balance and regain mobility
  • Optimize independence
  • Enhance sports performance
  • Decrease pain

We recognize the regional interdependence of the whole body and focus on function for optimal strength and performance for individuals ranging from the barely fit to the collegiate athlete. We work closely with your orthopedic surgeon for a team approach for your optimal rehabilitation for return to sports or leisure activity.

Common orthopedic disorders


Our orthopedic therapy service is provided in three locations: