///Radiology Nursing Frequently Asked Questions
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Radiology Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

Radiology nursing

Can I eat or drink before the procedure?

This depends on the procedure. The physician requesting the procedure for you should be able to answer this question; however, any procedure that will require sedation requires the patient not eat solid foods for at least eight hours prior to the procedure and have no clear liquids for a minimum of two hours prior to the procedure. So to be on the safe side and to prevent any delays in your procedure, follow these guidelines.

Can I take my daily meds?

Typically we want our patients to take their medications, especially if they are blood pressure medications or heart medications. However, if you are diabetic and take insulin please hold your insulin if you are to be NPO (nothing to eat or drink) prior to the exam or procedure. Also if you are to have a contrast study and you take metformin (glucophage) please hold the glucophage the day of the exam and for two days following the exam and tell your local physician so he or she can have follow-up lab work done as needed. Other medications that require special attention are anticoagulants (blood thinners) such as heparin, Coumadin, and lovenox. These medications require special instructions; if you are taking one of these medications, please notify your physician prior to the exam to ensure you are given the correct information.

Will I receive sedation for my procedure?

For certain procedures we do provide what is considered moderate sedation; however, this is determined prior to the procedure by the nurse practitioners and the physicians. Not all procedures require sedation, however all patients receiving sedation must have a responsible adult with them to drive them home following the procedure and the recovery time.

What is the recovery time?

The recovery time varies based on the procedure and the amount of sedation given. The minimum recovery time for a patient receiving sedation is one hour depending on the procedure and the maximum recovery is typically six hours pending no complications. Some patients may be admitted to the hospital following certain procedures for observation purposes.