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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PET/CT scan?

A PET/CT is a combination of both CT and a PET scan that are performed at separate times and will yield separate results. The CT scan will be performed just like any other CT with the patient having to drink contrast and have an injection. The PET image will be joined or fused to create an overlay effect.

Should I eat before the PET scan?

No, the PET scan works directly from the amount of glucose or sugar we have in our bodies, and as we eat the levels of sugar will increase in the blood and will interfere with the scan result.

How long does a PET scan last?

The initial part of the PET scan involves the injection of a radioactive isotope and you will have to wait for an hour before the scan will be done. One of the key points for PET scans is that the patient needs to rest before the scan to allow for the body to be as normal as possible in relation to muscle activity.

Why do I have to be away from my family while I am waiting for my PET scan after my injection?

During the time the patient is waiting they are emitting radiation and anyone around the patient is being exposed to this effect. Care should be taken for any family member that may be or think they may be pregnant.

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