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Pipeline Embolization

Pre-operative image The top image is shows the patient with a large aneurysm before surgery. The image below is three months after the Pipeline procedure.


With a large aneurysm, your treatment options are limited. And sometimes patients are left with no options because of the aneurysm’s size. At UAMS, we are now offering a new treatment option for large and giant aneurysms.

UAMS is the first hospital in Arkansas to offer the PipelineTM Embolization Device technology. Dr. Eren Erdem performs this cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedure. The device is designed to divert blood flow away from the aneurysm. Over time the vessel is reinforced and reformed, and the aneurysm is no longer a threat.

Pipeline is composed of 48 braided strands of cobalt chromium and platinum tungsten. The device is pushed through the microcatheter and then deployed by a combination of microcatheter withdrawal and forward pressure on the delivery wire.

Many times these types of aneurysms are operated on and clipped, which can have a 50 percent morbidity rate. However, the Pipeline procedure has a 95 percent survival rate. Also, compared to clipping, this procedure is less invasive and requires a shorter hospital stay. The procedure lasts between two and four hours. After the Pipeline procedure, patients can go home the next day. There will be a follow up MRA and angiogram in the months following the procedure.

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