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Pediatric Outreach

UAMS pediatric outreach treatment

To help bring pediatric subspecialty care closer to your home, UAMS doctors travel to a network of 24 pediatric outreach clinics across the state of Arkansas. These pediatric clinics offer superior pediatric healthcare for clinic visits as well as follow-up medical care.

The doctors at our outreach clinics work in conjunction with your child’s referring pediatrician to help your child’s pediatrician stay informed about the care provided in our clinics.

In collaboration with Arkansas Children’s Hospital, UAMS undertook a new model for extending subspecialty care across Arkansas through the Centers for Children. In Northwest Arkansas, the new Centers for Children is the first clinic developed specifically to create comprehensive and accessible pediatric care for all Arkansans. To find out more about the Centers for Children, please visit their Web site.

Our UAMS Center for Effective Parenting provides resources to help improve the developmental progress of children and to improve academic achievement.

Please use the contact information below to find the pediatric outreach clinic closest to you.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital Appointment Center