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UAMS Pediatrician Kids First

Dr. Patrick Casey, Pediatrician

UAMS operates 11 KIDS FIRST sites in centers strategically located around Arkansas, providing diagnostic and treatment services for over 700 children.

KIDS FIRST serves children with special healthcare needs ranging in age from six weeks to five years. In our pediatric day healthcare clinics, children diagnosed as having a medical condition known to place them at risk for developmental delays and disabilities receive intensive intervention.

Therapeutic services are provided based on individual patient needs and may include:

  • Developmental skills
  • Nutrition
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Social services for the family

In addition to these services, the KIDS FIRST program helps coordinate specialized services from other agencies. This integrated approach helps your child receive the best care to ensure he/she can succeed.

UAMS KIDS FIRST Program Earns Prestigious Accreditation

Please contact us for additional information or to find the program site closest to you.


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