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Tennis Elbow

Tendonitis, a swelling of the tendons, can be a common occurrence for active individuals. One of the most common forms of tendonitis is called tennis elbow, which causes a nagging pain on the outside portion of the elbow. Even if you don’t play tennis, you may find yourself experiencing these symptoms.

Tennis elbow usually affects those who engage in activities with any repetitive gripping, especially if they use the thumb and first two fingers. At UAMS, we have orthopedic and sports medicine experts who can pinpoint the cause of your pain, and help you recover quickly and return to your active lifestyle.

There are a range of treatments our orthopedic specialists may offer, depending on how severe your pain and how long you’ve experienced symptoms. Once correctly identified, you may see relief from something as simple as using the correct elbow or wrist brace to help with the symptoms. Physical therapy that focuses on stretching and strengthening the muscles around the elbow and wrist may also be used to help minimize the symptoms. Occasionally other treatments such as a steroid injection or surgical treatment may be necessary.

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