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Orthopedic Trauma

Orthopedic trauma

If you are having a medical emergency, you should call 911 immediately.

You never know when accidents are going to happen. With other medical conditions, often you are can take some time to research the best option for your condition. Traumatic injuries account for 140,000 deaths per year, and they are the leading cause of death in the U.S. for people ages 1 – 34. When it comes to trauma, UAMS is the place you want to turn.

UAMS has one of the most comprehensive orthopedic trauma centers. We have experience in handling a variety of cases, anything from a broken finger to a fractured pelvis.

Our center sees patients from all over the state who are often sent to UAMS after their accident occurs. When a severe accident occurs in another part of the state where they are not as equipped to handle the patient, the patient can be sent to UAMS for treatment. A UAMS staff member who can handle any emergency that comes in is always on call around the clock.

When a patient first arrives at UAMS, doctors and surgeons from numerous specialties will work together and collaborate to assess the patient’s most urgent needs. Our doctors prioritize the injuries so that the most critical injuries are treated first.

If the situation is not as severe and vital, our doctors are able to schedule a meeting/consultation with the patient soon after the accident and then schedule surgery or the proper treatment route for the injuries.

Orthopedic trauma does not only include accidents. This can also include a chronic illness that has worsened or returned after a period of absence. Also, sometimes reinjuries or flare ups occur after months or years of having no pain.

In our trauma center at UAMS, we have surgeons staffed in-house around the clock. Our trauma team has experience with patients of all ages, from pediatric patients to geriatric patients.

Learn more about our orthopedic services and our orthopedic clinic.

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