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Knee Replacement

If you are having hip and knee pain, it is important to see an orthopedic surgeon, especially a doctor who specializes in hip and knee replacement.

Although non-operative options are always discussed first, sometimes joint replacement is the best option to better take control of the pain. In the process, the surgeon cuts away damaged bone and replaces it with artificial joints.

The time to undergo hip and knee replacement is when it affects your quality of life and interferes with your ability to do daily activities, such as cleaning or walking. Risks that may be associated with knee replacement surgery include strokes, heart attacks, nerve damage, infection, and blood clots.

As noted by our patients, the rehabilitation for this surgery is quick, only spending one night in the hospital, and you are able to be up walking the same day of surgery. UAMS is the prime destination to help you relieve your disabling pain and to ensure your successful rehabilitation.


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