Meet Our Dietitians 2018-03-02T12:28:30-05:00

Meet Our Dietitians

Our dietitians at UAMS not only focus on your nutrition while you are in the hospital, but we also have a variety of outpatient services available for you.

We offer individual counseling for whatever your needs may be. This can include anything from creating a nutrition plan to help you meet your goals to taking you on a tour of the grocery store so that you can make healthier eating choices.

Whatever your dietary need, our dietitians at UAMS can help. We have three separate dietitian clinics:

  • Outpatient – In this clinic, we see a variety of conditions from celiac disease to heart disease to diabetes. We also see people who might be simply looking to shed a few pounds.
  • Cancer – In our clinic we want to be with your every step through your battle with cancer. Our dietitans can help you before, during and after treatment.
  • Renal – Our renal nutrition clinic can help you whether you are preparing for a transplant, on dialysis or have just undergone a transplant. Our dietitians help with not only renal transplants but other organ transplants as well