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Healthy Menus for Calorie Counting

Healthy Menus for Calorie CountingCounting calories to lose weight can be time consuming and frustrating. But, it’s one of the best methods to ensure that you can manage your weight in the long run.

You gain weight by consuming more calories than your body burns. The standard recommendations are that women should usually consume 2,000 calories a day and men should consume 2,500 calories a day. However, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or want to lose weight, you’ll need to consume less.

If you eat 500 calories a day less than you need every day, you’ll lose one pound per week. A useful calorie calculator can make counting calories easier. Many websites and smart phone apps can help you keep track of calories. If you have the option of using your phone to help keep track of calories, our UAMS dietitians recommend using MyFitnessPal app.

If you are looking for menu plan suggestions to limit calories, check out these weekly healthy menus:

1200 Calories

1400 Calories

1700 Calories

2000 Calories