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Shopping – Before, During and After

Recent estimates indicate that many Americans are wasting as much as 40% of the food they buy. At UAMS, we want to help you beat that statistic.

Having so many options at the grocery store is great, but so much variety can also be overwhelming. Use these tips to limit your spending while still enjoying your favorite foods.

Before Shopping

  • Make a food budget and shopping list. Preparation helps you resist impulse spending.
  • Plan your meals. Planning helps put leftovers to good use. Be creative. For example, fruits can be used for desserts. Include meals such as stews, casseroles and stir fry that will stretch expensive food items.
  • Look for coupons, sales and store specials.
  • For added savings sign up for the store discount card.

During Shopping

  • Don’t shop when you are hungry. It’s easier to stick to your shopping list.
  • Buy only the amounts your family will eat and can be used before spoiling. Bulk foods are always cheaper; family packs of chicken, steak, or fish and larger bags of potatoes and frozen vegetables.
  • Try store brands. They usually cost less.
  • Compare products for best deal.
  • Check sell by dates. Buy the freshest food possible. It lasts longer.

After Shopping

  • Store food right away to preserve freshness.
  • Cook enough food for 1-2 meals.
  • Freeze food to prevent spoiling if making large batches.
  • Divide foods into small portions for children and elderly to prevent waste.
  • Use foods with the earliest expiration dates first.

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