Do I need to have surgery for scoliosis? 2017-01-28T09:35:33-05:00

Dr. Noojan Kazemi, Neurosurgeon

In severe cases of scoliosis, surgery may be the best option to improve the spinal curve. Surgery usually involves stabilizing the spine and keeping the curve from getting worse by permanently joining the vertebrae together.

Things that are considered before surgery include:

  • The person’s age.
  • The size, direction, and location of the spinal curve(s).
  • Whether other treatment, such as bracing, has failed.
  • The patient has pain or trouble doing your daily activities.

Surgery choices
The treatment options for scoliosis continue to advance. Minimally invasive surgical procedures for patients with scoliosis are available depending on the symptoms the patient is having, as well as the type of scoliosis present. This involves a few small incisions instead of a single long one. When surgeons use a minimally invasive approach there is less scarring, less muscle dissection, less chance of tissue complications and less blood loss. Other advantages include shorter hospital stay, less pain, and because of the muscle sparing approach, faster return of function.

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