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Stroke Treatment and Rehabilitation

UAMS Stroke Rehabilitation Services

For individuals who have had a stroke, UAMS offers some of the most effective treatment and rehabilitation therapies available. Quick initial treatment and proper rehabilitation are key to returning to your regular activities after a stroke.

Stroke Treatment

At UAMS, we have a team of emergency medicine physicians and neurologists specifically trained to treat strokes. We can quickly mobilize resources and specialists, including specialized stroke neurologists, radiologists and state-of-the-art CAT scan and MRI screenings to diagnose and treat strokes quickly.

Treatment using appropriate clot-busting medications to limit damage from a stroke is available, but this treatment should be given within the first three hours after the beginning of symptoms to provide the most benefit. In addition, we also provide surgical techniques to break apart and remove blood clots, if needed.

Following treatment, patients are carefully monitored in the intensive care unit (ICU). Stroke patients treated at UAMS benefit from the expertise of Dr. Nicolas Bianchi, a vascular neurologist for patients that require admission to an intensive care unit.

Stroke Rehabilitation

In addition to initial treatments, UAMS offers stroke rehabilitation therapies. Rehabilitation helps restore freedom and mobility that may have been affected by a stroke. Every person is affected differently by a stroke, so we offer personalized treatment plans for you. The final outcome will depend on the type of stoke, the degree and duration of the obstruction or hemorrhage, and the extent of damage.

Rehabilitation includes:

  • Physical Therapy – Including exercises to help maintain proper movement in your arms and legs
  • Speech Therapy – To improve speech patterns affected by a stroke
  • Occupational Therapy – Complementing physical therapy, occupational therapy helps you improve skills needed for an independent life, including basics like buttoning a shirt

Please contact us for additional information on stroke treatment and rehabilitation services at UAMS.


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