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Neurosciences – Neurosurgery, Brain and Spine

At UAMS, we offer the best in medical care for patients who are seeking treatment for a variety of conditions that affect the brain and spine. Our multidisciplinary approach to treatment covers many specialties, including neurosurgery, neurology, physiatry, spine care and pain management.

Our experts will provide you with a thorough evaluation to create a personalized treatment plan. While we offer many cutting-edge procedures, UAMS also has the only facility in Arkansas that offers minimally-invasive procedures using the Gamma Knife Perfexion system to treat conditions such as tumors and vascular malformations.

We offer full service for physical and occupational therapy, hand therapyspeech therapy and physical fitness. And our center provides “prehabilitation,” where patients who need to have surgery can undergo a preoperative program of exercise, reconditioning and diet to make their surgical outcome more successful.

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UAMS Neurosciences Team Treatment

UAMS uses a team treatment approach in neurosciences with neurologists, neurosurgeons, oncologists and other specialists working together to take care of patients. UAMS is also home to the state’s only Gamma Knife Perfexion.

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