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Vascular Surgery Clinic

Exciting new developments in the treatment of vascular disease have been made in recent years. This quickly developing technology has led to promising new treatments and increased specialization among health care providers.

The Vascular Clinic brings together tools and talent found throughout the UAMS network. With so many resources at hand, the Vascular Surgery Clinic is set up to offer quick and complete evaluation and treatment, in keeping with state-of-the-art technology and commitment to quality patient care for which UAMS is known. Some of the conditions treated are:


The Vascular Clinic is a self-referral clinic. Although UAMS does not require a referral for this clinic, some insurance providers require a referral for specialty care. Please check with your insurance provider prior to requesting an appointment. You may request an appointment by calling 501-686-6176.

What should I bring to the appointment?

For your first appointment, please bring a photo ID and your insurance card along with a list of any medications you’re taking, including over-the-counter medications. You should also bring any medical records you can provide, including slides or test results from other clinics.

For future appointments, please provide updated medical and insurance information.

How do I request a prescription refill or contact a nurse from the clinic?

Call the clinic at 501-686-6176, or you can request prescription refills during your appointment. If you originally filled your prescription at the UAMS Outpatient Pharmacy, you can also refill your prescription online.

Featured Video

Dr. Mohammed Moursi, Chief of Vascular Surgery at UAMS

Dr. Mohammed Moursi is fellowship trained and board certified in vascular surgery. Using cutting-edge treatments and procedures, he and his team offer excellent medical care.

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Clinic Information


Nurse or Prescriptions:

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Monday – Friday

Map and Directions


Location and Directions

4th floor of the Outpatient Center building
Surgical Specialties Clinic, room 4P

Available in Parking 3 at the corner of Cedar and Capitol. Valet parking is available (for a fee) in front of the Outpatient Center.


  • Go to level 3A in the parking deck and follow signs to Elevator E
  • Take Elevator E to the 4th floor

Additional Parking Information

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