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The surface of your eye can be affected and damaged in a number of ways, including chemical injuries, hereditary conditions, new tissue growths, infections and blunt force trauma, leading vision impairment or loss. At UAMS, our eye experts and researchers have a complete understanding of these conditions and utilize the latest in technology and procedures to protect your vision.

In some cases, a corneal transplant may be the only hope for restored vision. The UAMS Harvey &  Bernice Jones Eye Institute is renowned for this service. And when the cornea is removed and replaced with healthy donor tissue, it comes from the on-site Lions Eye Bank and Laboratory, which serves the entire state and is one of the most heavily supported in the nation.

For diagnosis and treatment of an array of corneal diseases and conditions that can ultimately have a lasting affect on your quality of vision, you can trust the top specialists and state-of-the-art equipment at the UAMS Jones Eye Institute.

Led by Dr. David B. Warner, director of cornea service, the experts at Jones Eye Institute offer the latest cornea treatments. Drs. Tayyeba Ali and Sunali Goyal are also highly trained to provide caring and compassionate treatment for a wide range of conditions and diseases of the cornea.

Eye Advances are Making Common Eye Surgeries Faster and Safer

Cornea Transplant

Corneal Ulcer

If you’re seeking quality care that comes from the cutting edge of research and technology, the Jones Eye Institute understands the importance of protecting and restoring your vision.

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