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Contact Lens – Requirements, Benefits and Precautions 2017-01-28T09:39:21-05:00

Contact Lens – Requirements, Benefits and Precautions

Requirements for Wearing Contact Lens

  • Expert fitting and comprehensive training for their care.
  • Conscientious care by the patient.
  • Periodic follow-up care.
  • A complete eye exam prior to your fitting.

A prescription is valid for one year per Arkansas law. Eye exams, if needed, are available by appointment at the Jones Eye Institute.

Additional Information:

  • In the event you are unsuccessful in wearing contact lens, you may return the lens within 60 days for full refund less the restocking fee. You will be responsible for the fitting fee.
  • If a contact lens is damaged, torn or cracked within the first 3 weeks, replacement will be provided at 50% off standard replacement cost.
  • Specially designed lens are available if needed. Fees will be explained before ordering.

Benefits of Wearing Contact Lens

  • Technological advances have increased the number of patients who can now wear contact lens. Peripheral vision can be better with contacts than with a pair of glasses.
  • Contact lens are automatically cleaned with each blink of the eyelid.
  • Contact lens do not fog in cool temperatures or become wet when you are in rain.
  • Contact lens can be worn safely during sports such as golf, soccer or basketball.


  • Infections are rare, but if they occur they should be treated as an emergency.
  • Symptoms of infection are blurry vision, redness, pain, additional tearing with or without a discharge.
  • If this occurs, remove your contact lens and notify us immediately.
  • Put your glasses on if any of the symptoms above occur. Always have a current pair of glasses on hand.

Please call 501-686-5822 to learn more about our contact lens services at the UAMS Jones Eye Institute.