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Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy Services, UAMS ENT

Do you constantly feel like you have something stuck in your throat? Or does your voice fail you at the end of the day? If you are having issues with your voice not being the same as it has been in the past, the UAMS Voice and Swallowing Center has the experience to diagnose and manage a wide variety of voice problems.

If advised by your doctor, voice therapy involves vocal and physical exercises combined with behavioral changes. We can help you attain the best possible voice and the most relief from the symptoms that are bothering you.

For each patient, a thorough medical history is the first part of your evaluation. This is followed by a comprehensive assessment, which may include the following diagnostic procedures:

  • Voice handicap survey
  • Video stroboscopy
  • Acoustic and aerodynamic analysis
  • Vocal performance evaluation
  • Voice profile

A wide range of treatments are available at the Center, including:

  • Behavioral voice therapy, conducted by speech pathologists with specialized training in voice therapy
  • Prescription drug intervention
  • Phonosurgery
  • Botulinum Toxin (Botox)
  • Laryngeal reconstruction
  • Voice rehabilitation following cancer treatment

Special Services

Teachers, politicians, singers, radio/TV personalities, clergy and other professional voice users often find themselves “without a voice” when they need it the most. Comprehensive emergency care in our offices can be arranged at a moment’s notice. We’ve helped numerous well-known entertainers and politicians.

If you have questions related to the voice and swallowing services we offer or if you would like to schedule an evaluation with one of our UAMS doctors, please call 501-686-8000.