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Thyroid Center

Did you know the thyroid gland affects your whole body? And half of the people with thyroid problems do not even know because the symptoms are common and are often attributed to other medical problems.

At UAMS, our Thyroid Center is a multidisciplinary referral center specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant thyroid and parathyroid diseases.

The Team Approach

Donald Bodenner, MD, PhD, Director of the Thyroid Center, examining a thyroid patient.

Pictured here is Donald Bodenner, MD, PhD, Director of the Thyroid Center, examining a thyroid patient.

Our patient-centered approach makes our comprehensive, one-stop center unique among multidisciplinary centers.

Our interdisciplinary team of fellowship-trained surgeons, endocrinologists, pathologists, radiologists and nuclear medicine doctors work with our Thyroid Center staff in the treatment and long-term management of thyroid malignancies. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment is available for our patients, including video laryngoscopy and high-resolution ultrasound.

You will have access to all specialists on our team during your visit, which ensures shorter evaluation times, comprehensive care and a patient-centered experience.

Through research and education, our team also strives to advance the knowledge and investigate new treatments of thyroid disorders. Our research program, dedicated to advancing the fields of thyroid/parathyroid medical treatment, assures that you receive the best care based on the very latest findings.

A broad range of conditions affecting the thyroid and parathyroid are treated at the Thyroid Center:

Our Thyroid Center is conveniently located in one central location in the Head and Neck Oncology Clinic of the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute on the UAMS campus.