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Ask the Student Health Clinic APN

Have a health question or concern? You can “Ask the APN“!


Ask the APN provides students with a completely anonymous way to ask those questions that you have been wondering about! You can ask anything! Forget to ask something at your last appointment? Have a question that you don’t feel comfortable asking your health care provider?  Hear about a new health trend that you want to know more about?  You can submit your question to the APN.

Ask the APN is just one of the ways that we are working to make Student Health Clinic more accessible to our students. It is an online forum for you to submit your question and get an evidence based reply. Your question will be posted with the answer but never a name or any other identifying information. Submission of the question is anonymous.  We want to provide you with information that will improve your health and well being!  Questions can be submitted through the form below.

Ask an APN