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What is Primary Care?

UAMS Primary Care

Did you know that choosing a primary care provider is a great way to get healthy and stay that way? At UAMS, our caring and compassionate staff members can help you set health goals, evaluate your progress and treat any illnesses that occur along the way. And we understand the importance of prevention.

Primary care is a term used to describe a health care provider who acts as a first point of consultation for all patients. The term “PCP” can stand for one of two things:

  • Primary care physician – a doctor with a medical degree
  • Primary care provider – can include nurse practitioners and other health care providers who are not medical doctors

At UAMS, primary care is available at several UAMS facilities:

  • Family Medical Center
  • Internal Medicine Clinic – South
  • Longevity Clinic in the Reynolds Institute on Aging
  • Regional Clinics

Family medicine doctors at our Family Medical Center can serve as the PCP for patients of all ages including prenatal care and delivery. The Internal Medicine – South clinic is staffed with internal medicine doctors and can serve as the PCP for adults over the age of 18. Geriatricians at the Longevity Clinic in the UAMS Reynolds Institute on Aging serve as the PCP for adults 60 years of age and older.

Many of our primary care physicians are among the best doctors in Arkansas according to Best Doctors, Inc., an independent national health care research firm.

We also provide primary care in our UAMS Regional Family Medical Centers all across the state. These clinics help UAMS reach out to all Arkansans and help you receive the primary care you need no matter where you live. We have 13 clinics around Arkansas to ensure that there is at least one in your area of the state.

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