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Online Communication With Your Primary Care Provider

Family Medicine Clinic at UAMS

At UAMS, we understand that you’re busy and need access to your medical provider, so our Center for Primary Care offers an email service to meet the needs of our patients.

Using MyChart, your message is secure and private. Secure messaging requires a password and is managed through a secure server to protect your information. 

You will need to upgrade your account to use this feature. Choosing the “secure messaging” option takes you to a menu listing the clinics in the Center for Primary Care: Internal Medicine South, Internal Medicine North, Internal Medicine WestFamily Medicine and Thomas and Lyon Longevity Clinic

When your clinic is selected, you will see the secure messaging menu, which allows you to:

  • Ask your provider a question
  • Request a renewal of your prescription medications
  • Ask the clinic staff an administrative question

When you submit your question, a nurse in the clinic will contact your provider, obtain an answer to your question and send a reply back to you. Since this communication is secure, you will first receive a message in your email in-box verifying that your question has been received. You will receive another message when your question has been answered. The email contains a link back to myUAMShealth.com and, after you enter your user name and password, you can see your answer in the in-box for your patient account. 

Although it sounds a little complicated, it is easy to use, so we hope you’ll try this convenient method of contacting your provider. We think this form of communication is much more efficient than playing “phone tag” with the clinic and allows you to send messages after business hours. 

Appointment requests are routed directly to the appointment center through myUAMShealth.com and are not a part of this program.

If you need additional information regarding this service, please contact your primary care clinic.

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