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Gamma Knife Perfexion

Brain Surgery Without Incision

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At UAMS, we are constantly working to stay at the forefront of medical technology. In our efforts to provide cutting-edge, noninvasive care for our patients we offer treatment using the Leksell Gamma Knife PerfexionTM, an extremely precise stereotactic radiosurgery device.

What is the Gamma Knife Perfexion?

Designed solely for the treatment of the brain and its surrounding structures, the Gamma Knife Perfexion uses beams of radiation to provide “surgical like” treatment results without open brain surgery. Supported by over 40 years of clinical research and over 3,000 published peer-reviewed clinical studies, the Gamma Knife has treated more than 700,000 patients worldwide at over 200 different treatment centers. This excellent, well-documented clinical history has led the Gamma Knife to be considered the “Gold Standard” stereotactic radiosurgery device.

We have been utilizing Gamma Knife technology since 1999 and recently upgraded to the Perfexion unit in 2008, after it was introduced in the United States.

As the only Gamma Knife Center in the entire state of Arkansas, the UAMS Gamma Knife Center offers patients:

  • An alternative treatment option for those who cannot or do not wish to undergo open surgery or other forms of radiation therapy
  • An additional, supplemental treatment option for those who have undergone other treatments but still require additional therapies to control the disease process
  • A treatment option for those who have inoperable or inaccessible disease

This revolutionary radiosurgery system is designed to treat patients with a variety of brain conditions, including:

  • Benign brain tumors such as acoustic neuromas (vestibular schwannoma), meningiomas, pituitary adenomas, pineal tumors, craniopharyngiomas, chordomas, and low grade glial and glomus tumors
  • Malignant brain tumors such as high grade glial tumors or glomus tumors, chondroscarcoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  • Metastatic tumors (cancer that has spread to the brain from another part of the body), including single and multiple lesions
  • Vascular malformations such as arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) and cavernous malformations
  • Functional disorders, including trigeminal neuralgia (a chronic pain condition that causes extreme, sporadic, sudden burning or shock-like face pain), also known as tic douloureux

About the Gamma Knife

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