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It may surprise you to know, but hemorrhoids are a normal part of our anatomy. Hemorrhoid tissues are “cushions” of blood vessels that swell slightly during bowel movements. Once the stool has passed, the tissue stops swelling and returns to normal. Healthy hemorrhoid tissue contributes about ten to fifteen percent to your ability to hold in your bowel movements.

When pressure inside your abdomen and your pelvis increases the pressure in those blood vessels can increase, loosening connective tissue within the hemorrhoids causing the tissue to remain swollen. This swelling can happen both inside and outside the anal canal, leading to itching, pain and even bleeding during bowel movements. At UAMS, our healthcare professionals understand the discomfort these symptoms can cause.

We know that every person we treat is an individual and every condition is distinct to each particular patient. Many times hemorrhoid symptoms will resolve themselves as the inflamed tissue returns to normal. However, if the symptoms persist, treatment may be necessary. Our caring specialists can provide a unique plan that provides the right treatment for each person.

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