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Sweet Potatoes


117 calories/4 oz serving
Complex Carbohydrate

Rich in: beta carotene (aka vitamin A) (the more orange the higher the beta carotene content), vitamin C (1/2 daily value) vitamin E (20% daily value), high potassium and low in fat.

Decrease in Blood glucose (sugar) rise by 30% due to fiber when compared to white potatoes

Beta carotene and vitamin C due to high phenolic content have been linked to decreasing risk of prostate cancer and decreasing risk of breast cancer by 25%.

Phenolic acod or polyphenols are found in plants and have an antioxidant activity.

Purple sweet potatoes are commonly consumed in Hawaii and Asian countries are high in anthocyanins and reduce risk of colon cancer.

The Finnish study of 10,000 smokers, reviewed in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1994, tested the effects of taking beta-carotene supplements to prevent lung cancer. It was based on the earlier finding that individuals who have higher blood levels of beta-carotene have a lower incidence of lung cancer. To the researchers’ horror, those who took the supplements actually had a higher rate of lung cancer and the study was discontinued. Researchers concluded that beta-carotene has a protective effect only when consumed in food, the original and best source. The nutrient-packed sweet potato is the richest source of this protective substance.