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Food for the Fight

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Eating less junk food and adding more nutritious food to your diet are simple changes that can make a significant improvement in your nutrition and health.

You should cut back on foods that have only limited nutritional value, that are overprocessed, or that contain too much fat, salt, sugar and refined white flour.

Instead, eat more of these kinds of foods:

  • Close to their natural state: fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • Less processed: whole grains.
  • Plain rather than flavored: unflavored milk, plain cottage cheese, plain yogurt. Choose low- or nonfat versions when available.
  • Healthier: olive oil instead of vegetable oil; vegetable oil instead of shortening; low trans fat vegetable margarine over butter.
  • Better meat choices: poultry, fish and the leanest cuts of red meat.
  • More nutritiously prepared: broiled meats and vegetables that are raw, steamed, or lightly cooked in the microwave. Avoid deep-fried foods and fatty sauces such as gravy, cheese and Hollandaise.

Making these changes won’t require driving miles out of your way in search of organic produce. Nutritious, healthy food is plentiful in any grocery store and at most restaurants, if you know how to find it.