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Romantic couple

The Couples Center

The Couples Center is a counseling program that focuses on relationship therapy for couples and individuals. Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., director of the Couples Center at UAMS, is a nationally recognized psychotherapist and author, highly trained to help patients with problems related to relationships.

The Couples Center has two goals. The first is to provide relationship therapy for troubled couples, and education and support for those who are seeking to enrich their emotional and sexual connection. Dr. Wakefield works with couples of all ages and stages of relationship, as well as individuals who are seeking to be in a satisfying, committed relationships.

The second focus of the Couples Center is to develop educational programs for the medical and local community, and to train clinicians who want to become competent and confident in this specialized area of service provision. Dr. Wakefield’s innovative approach to working with couples draws from the best and brightest experts in this field, and includes recent research on the neurobiology of attachment. Her approach helps people grow as individuals, while creating satisfying, meaningful connections with another person.

Dr. Wakefield sees couples and individuals who are married or considering marriage or in long-term relationships. Her intensive methods have proven helpful to many couples attempting to resolve conflicts they thought irreparable.

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