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Surgical Suites

Surgical suite in the new UAMS hospital

Since opening our doors in 1879, UAMS has remained at the forefront of medical engineering and health technology. This allows us to provide world-class health care for our patients, including those with complex and challenging medical conditions. Among the advances available at UAMS are our nine new operating suites. Our highly trained surgical team uses advanced tools in the surgical suite to provide the best outcomes for our patients.

Our innovative surgical suites include an imaging system that allows surgeons the ability to communicate with medical professionals not present in the operating room, such as pathologists. This imaging system can route images from the lab to monitors in the operating room, allowing the surgeon and pathologist to discuss the tissue sample or tumor in real time.

Another advantage of our imaging system is the ability to access images from each operating room at our operating room control desk. This allows us to monitor surgeries in progress, enhancing efficiency in communicating with the patient’s family while minimizing distractions to allow surgical teams to focus on the patient.