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Emergency Room

The UAMS Emergency Department has spacious private rooms for both acute and nonacute patients. Private rooms are a growing trend in emergency care because of HIPAA privacy rules, safety and patient satisfaction. Privacy also benefits cancer patients who need isolation, and we now have three additional negative pressure isolation rooms.

Our Emergency Department also features a general X-ray room and a CT. This means patients don’t have to be transported to another location for these imaging procedures.

The design of our department allows more efficient care. With the advanced technology, more space, two nurses’ stations and a better work flow, the UAMS Emergency Department is able to handle more patients and reduce the waiting time for admission and discharge.

Entry to the Emergency Department is from Shuffield Drive on the south side of the hospital. The entrance has a covered entry for both ambulance traffic and private vehicles, and there is a large parking area nearby.

The helipad of our hospital connects via a trauma elevator to the Emergency Department on the ground floor.

The 34 private rooms are designed with removable walls so that they can expand to serve up to 54 patients in a disaster. Additionally, the Emergency Department has a designated, isolated area for psychiatric patients with observation capabilities that allow for better patient safety.