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Spotlight on Health – November

The holiday season is finally here with the arrival of Thanksgiving this month. You are probably already thinking about family get-togethers and arranging holiday trips, and pondering the yummy food you will prepare. During this time you want to focus on your family and friends, but remember to not neglect your health. UAMS can be your resource for timely and practical health tips for your full schedule this holiday season.


Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

This month you probably will gather around the table with family and friends to share laughs, conversation and of course yummy food. Do you know what you are going to cook? We can help you find healthy recipes that will satisfy most taste buds and dietary needs. Try this healthier green bean casserole, cranberry, cherry and walnut marmalade, or pumpkin coconut tart.

Looking for more healthy recipes? Visit our health library, which will provide you with recipes to prepare many full meals that meet most dietary needs. 

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Health Tips

Diabetes and Your Diet

If you have diabetes, it can be confusing to know what types of food you can eat, especially during food-focused holidays. Try following these five rules when go to the grocery store to make sure you are eating foods good for your body.

  • Choose vegetables and fruits. Try eating non-starchy vegetables such as spinach, carrots, broccoli and green beans.
  • Choose whole grain rather than over-processed. Consider brown rice over white rice or whole wheat pasta with your favorite sauce.
  • Buy lean meats, and eat fish at least 2-3 times a week. Choose beef and pork that end in “loin” such as sirloin and pork loin.
  • Avoid snack foods high in calories such as chips, cakes, ice cream or cookies.
  • Opt for water and calorie-free drinks instead of sweetened drinks such as fruit juice, sodas or sweet tea.

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Here’s to Your Health


From our Here’s to Your Health archives, Dr. T. Glenn Pait provides tips and advice for your health. Hear more about tendinitis, which is inflammation or irritation of a tendon, a flexible band of tissue that connects muscles to bones. Some common forms of tendinitis are named after the sports that increase their risk. They include tennis elbow, pitcher’s shoulder, and jumper’s knee. Listen to this podcast.

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Patient Story

The Muse Sings Again

“In 20 years of singing, I’ve never had anything like this happen,” said Deleen Davidson, a lyric soprano, formerly with the New Orleans Opera. Deleen, who heads up The Muses Creative Artistry Project in Hot Springs, began to experience sinus and allergy problems, but within weeks her laugh changed, her speaking voice sounded like a squeak, and teaching choir students at the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts made her voice hoarse.

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Medical Myths

Can wearing an underwire bra cause breast cancer?

The claim that bra-wearing can put women at serious risk for breast cancer has been around for almost 20 years. Does this idea hold any truth? Dr. Laura Hutchins, a UAMS medical oncologist who specializes in breast cancer, says that there is not enough evidence to support this idea. Learn more about this myth.

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